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Time to Kick it into Gear

My name is Chett and I am a co-founder and primary developer of the RockCuff products. Along the way i have also created a lot of the education.

One day, however, after hearing yet another success story from people using BFRT, I made the commitment to the program.

You see, I am 64 years old, overweight, and far too committed to my work. Maybe it is the times, maybe the 60 hour weeks, but my attitude, and psyche began deteriorating.

It could have been stepping on the scale and seeing it close to 270 pounds. Or maybe it was trying on 5 shirts to find one that fit just right. Or it could have been sore hands, weak muscles. Most likely it was my friend and colleague Mark who goaded me into drinking my own kool aid.

Whatever, it does not matter. A couple of weeks ago i started watching what i eat, no diet, just taking care of what goes in! So far, so good. Down about 14 pounds, but i wanted to make sure that i built muscle mass that would eventually help me burn more calories.

So today was the day to start BFRT and i want to invite you along on my journey so that you too might know what to expect. Along the way, I'll let you know what I am doing, how i am doing it, and logging the results.

I will also help you understand why we made the decisions we did at RockCuff when launching a product. I will also share tips and tricks that others have told me about and that i learn along the way.

I'll share the story of others. What they did. Their outcomes. You may not believe this, but some are pretty well known!

As always, be sure to consult with your healthcare professional and checkout the contraindications before you start any exercise program!

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