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T-Shirts Tell It All

The more we learn about BFR, the more practical it appears despite the complexity, difficulty, borderline science, and vendor attempts to defend high product and training prices.

So, putting our 'T-shirt' where our mouth is, we have decided to begin posting a series we call 'T-Shirt Science,' the idea being that if you can't fit it on a t-shirt, then it's probably too complicated!..

The first case study result, and there are many of them, is comparing the use of BFR plus low-intensity (LI) exercise with other forms like BFR alone, BFR plus high-intensity (HI), and even the benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

It turns out that BFR+LI is equal to HIIT in delivering results like strength, muscle size, bone density, et al. BFR+LI is superior in that there is little or no tissue or joint damage!

This means that in the case of post-injury or post-surgical recovery, BFR+LI provides a solution where options like HIIT are not possible!

The results? Faster recovery times, less muscle atrophy, moderation of pain, mood enhancement, hypertrophy (muscle size increase), strength, aerobic, and even heart benefits!

BFR can be implemented in a practical, non-interruptive way in clinics and can be used at home by patients, BFR+LI could benefit almost every patient!

By the way, Practical BFRT needs to be 1) Safe, 2) Easy to Use, 3) Comfortable, and 4) Affordable.

By the way, want some study references? Hit me up at I have plenty to spare!

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