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Experience Advanced Comfort and Efficiency with SoftTipz


SoftTipz are crafted from soft, resilient materials like medical-grade silicone (Shore 00 - 40), which are not only gentle on the body but also highly effective in transferring energy deep into muscle tissues without discomfort.


Unlike the stiff materials used in industrial applications such as hardhats, our silicone is specifically designed for therapeutic use.


Our innovative, patent-pending designs feature layered constructions and materials selected for their unique energy transfer properties. This allows for shock absorption and even distribution of energy across the treated area, enhancing the therapeutic impact while ensuring maximum comfort. Experience the next level of percussive therapy with SoftTipz.



  • Maximize Effectiveness with Ergonomically Designed Tips


  • Our tips are engineered to optimize the transfer of energy to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The ergonomic design contours precisely to different body parts, focusing percussive energy effectively for maximum impact.


  • Adjustable impact levels give users the flexibility to control the intensity of the massage, allowing for customized energy delivery to the targeted areas as needed. Enhance your therapy sessions with precision and control, ensuring every treatment is tailored to individual needs.

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Unlock Superior Performance with SoftTipz

SoftTipz are designed to adapt seamlessly to the contours of the underlying tissue. Crafted from a soft material, these tips mold perfectly to body shapes, delivering up to 50 times more power directly into the tissue compared to the less effective, distorting impact of hard plastic or rubber tips—imagine the difference between dropping a bowling ball onto a pillow versus a firm surface.

This increased energy transfer leads to quicker sessions and enhanced therapeutic outcomes. SoftTipz are especially beneficial for treating areas with scar tissue, hard knots, and lesions, providing a gentle yet effective approach that supports your healing journey.

Choose SoftTipz to save time and achieve better results, enhancing your therapeutic effectiveness with every session.



Experience Adaptive Intensity with SoftTipz


Our SoftTipz are meticulously engineered to adjust to the nuances of applied pressure. With a gentle touch, they offer a soft massage, perfect for sensitive areas or for warming up muscles before more intense activity.


As you increase the pressure, the tips are designed to progressively channel more energy into the muscle tissue. This allows for deeper penetration and a more powerful therapeutic impact, tailored to your needs for either a soothing or a more vigorous session.


This dynamic response ensures that each treatment is both comfortable and effective, meeting your specific therapeutic requirements.

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Compare and Contrast: SoftTipz vs. Hard Tips


Hard Tips: Limitations in Design and Application


Hard tips are often designed with a predefined assumption about tissue thickness, generally between 0.5" to 0.75", which does not take into account the varied body types and muscle densities. This one-size-fits-all approach can lead to inefficient energy transfer in tissues that fall outside these parameters. Moreover, the "bounce" effect—where the tip moves off and on the skin—indicates inconsistent contact, reducing the effectiveness of therapy by failing to maintain steady percussive energy application.


This intermittent contact not only disrupts the therapy process but also leads to uncontrolled, erratic energy distribution. When used on larger muscle groups, the concentrated energy in hard tips may cause discomfort and inefficient therapeutic outcomes due to the intense, localized impact.


SoftTipz: Enhanced Performance and Comfort

In contrast, SoftTipz are designed to respond dynamically to the applied pressure, adapting seamlessly to different body contours and tissue densities. This adaptive feature ensures a constant, effective transfer of energy, enhancing therapeutic impact across diverse body types.


The soft material of SoftTipz allows for a more gentle application, avoiding the jarring shock back to the user’s hand, fingers, wrist, and arm—common with hard tips—thus minimizing user fatigue and potential strain or injury, especially during prolonged use.


By distributing energy more evenly and maintaining consistent contact, SoftTipz not only improve the comfort of the therapy session but also lead to more effective and efficient outcomes, making them a superior choice for both targeted and broad muscle group therapies.


Contact us for more information about how you can implement BFR with larger groups.


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