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Cost of Ownership

What does your BFR equipment really cost?

Total cost of ownership consists of more than the price of a set of cuffs or straps. If you own a clinic or fitness company, costs that contribute to your total cost of ownership or TCO include time spent:

  • How much time does it takes to assess the patient or client

  • Is special training required to make assessments?

  • Do you have to assess the client before each use

  • How long does it take to put the straps on?

  • How much time does it take to adjust the straps?

  • Do you need additional equipment to make adjustments?

  • Does the person monitoring use need an advanced degree?

  • How will you clean the equipment after each use?

  • How often do you need to calibrate the equipment?

Assessing the User - RockCuff = 3 minutes

Using the RockCuff 3-minute assessment, you will assess the user for all three BFR variables. You will assess occlusion, resistance, and duration in just 3 minutes.

Before choosing a vendor

  • What information or measurements are required to properly set up the client?

  • How much time will that assessment take?

  • Who is qualified to determine the equipment settings?


Question 1: "Before each use, do you need to determine the limb occlusion pressure (LOP) of the user." 

Question 2: "How much time does it take to complete an assessment?"

Question 3: "Does the person doing the assessment need a professional credential, special training or both?"

If the answer to Question 2 is "About 10-minutes", you will be investing more than 30 hours annually if you use the cuffs once each day then over the course of a year. Also, if you are having the user use more than 1 strap, you will need to adjust for that too.

If the answer to Question 3 is "The person doing the assessment must have a professional degree and attend out training" then you could multiply the 30 hours from Question 2 by the fully loaded labor rate of the person doing the assessment. That would be 30 hours times $80 or $2,400 annually.

RockCuff Answers:

Question 1: No, the assessment only needs to be done the first time

Question 2: No

Question 3: No, the person doing the assessment would need to review our 3-minute assessment procedure.

Installing the Strap - RockCuff = 90 seconds for 4 straps

Another queston that you should ask is:

  • How long does it usually take to properly install the equipment?

  • Can the patient or client safely do it themselves?

In testing various types of equipment and getting a lot of feedback from users or various types of equipment, we can give you the following generalities:

  • Electronically monitored pneumatic cuffs take up to 10 minutes per limb

  • Hand pumped pneumatic cuffs can take up to 3 minutes per limb

  • Elastic Straps take between 1 minute and 5 minutes

  • Wraps may take up to 5+ minutes per limb



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