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Elevate Your Percussive Device with Softtipz

Transform your percussive therapy sessions with Softtipz and unlock a new level of service for your clients.


By adding Softtipz to your device, you can offer enhanced recovery, hydration, circulation, and soft tissue massage.

  • Painless: Say goodbye to discomfort during treatments.

  • Precise: Target specific areas with unmatched accuracy.

  • Powerful: Deliver effective, deep tissue massage.

  • Pfun: Make every session enjoyable and engaging.


With Softtipz, the potential applications of your percussive device become limitless. Get ready to take your therapy to the next level!


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SoftTipz logo 1.png

Explore Our Revolutionary Percussive Therapy Tips

Experience percussive therapy like never before with our patent-pending tips, uniquely designed to transform your therapy sessions. Each tip is meticulously molded for specific body areas and crafted with precise hardness levels to maximize energy transfer into the tissues. This targeted approach enhances healing, hydration, circulation, and pain relief—ensuring effective, deep-tissue work without the discomfort of the tool bouncing off bones.


Prepare for increased demand as your clients discover the unmatched benefits of these innovative therapy tips. Your biggest challenge will soon be stocking up on more percussive equipment and tips to keep up with client needs!


View the library of videos providing detailed instruction and "How To".

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