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Clinic Program Members

Welcome to the RockCuff Clinic Program. 

What does your BFR equipment really cost?​ The total cost of ownership consists of more than the price of a BFR unit or set of cuffs or straps. If you manage or own a clinic, costs that contribute to your total cost of ownership or TCO include time spent.  This may include:

  • How much time it takes to assess your patient or client?

  • Is special training required to make assessments?

  • Do you have to assess the client before each use?

  • How long does it take to put the Cuffs on?

  • How much time does it take to adjust the Cuffs?

  • Do you need additional equipment to make adjustments?

  • Does the person monitoring use need special training?

  • How do you clean the equipment after each use?

  • How often do you need to calibrate the equipment?

Benefits of using RockCuff

  • Safe

  • Comfortable

  • Ease of Use

  • Affordable

  • Effective

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Why Join?

When you join the clinic program, you receive:

  • Exclusive Discounts on Products and Training

  • Vital Evidence-based Resources

  • Instructional Content including "How-To"

  • Ongoing Support

  • Access to our Knowledge Hub

  • and more

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To enroll in the RockCuff Clinic Program, complete the registration form below.

Contact Robin Cecil, PT, DPT

Join colleagues and clinics that implement best practices for clinics using BFRT.  Let's connect.


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