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A Little Painful, But Manageable

So after yesterdays BFRT workout, I wanted to report on the results.

Slight soreness top of calves, pecs, a result of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Fatigued shoulders and neck.

So I repeated the routine.

During the bicep curl, the right bicep was a little tender especially when flexed. Felt a little tingling so i flipped the tab, flexed and let the dial de-rotate. Drank 8oz of water because the heel of my hand was where the tingling was noticeable. Then I closed the tab, turned it clockwise a few clicks and got back to the set.

I also checked pulse and capillary refill. Check capillary refill to verify arterial flow by pressing the tip of your finger until it turns white, then release. If color returns in less than 3-5 seconds, everything is ok.

During the pushup set, shoulder fatigue was pronounced and I failed at 10 reps during the final set of 15. Perfect!

Tomorrow, I am going to change the routine slightly to engage a different set of muscles.

That's 2 down, the rest of my life to go.

Oh by the way, not sure what this means. I have had pain in my hands recently and difficulty closing my hands tightly (fingers feel a little "bloated"). This is a result of some work activity. I have tried patches, wrapping, etc with little results.

However, today, more movement, less pain. I did read a couple of case studies about the analgesic effects of BFRT a couple of months ago. So I am going to monitor this closely.

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