University Blood Flow Restriction Certificate - BFRT

University Blood Flow Restriction Certificate - BFRT

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The first University-backed certificate course in BFRT (blood flow restriction therapy/training) is an evidence-based, equipment-agnostic course consisting of 8 hours of online instruction, 5 hours online-interactive, case study, and an online test. 


In partnership with the University of Tennessee, you will learn from recognized experts who include Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, and Strength and Conditioning Coaches.


This certificate course goes well beyond other BFRT education where companies create their own certificate focused on how to use their equipment and taught by internal sources.




  • 8 hours online, on demand
  • 5 hours interactive online
  • Included - 1 Regular cuff and 1 Large cuff & gels
  • Case Study
  • Test
  • Certificate




Upon completion of the course the participant will be able to:


  • Design a comprehensive intake questionnaire as part of an Informed Consent form based on evidence and local board requirements
  • Able to apply case study evidence, evaluate measured CSA and strength gains for a patient in their early 20”s based on the chemical mechanisms produced by BFRT
  • Compare the benefits of BFRT to the use of low-intensity resistance training LIR for a patient with limited mobility following ACL surgery
  • Theorize the expected outcomes when using BFR protocols for elderly patients with muscle disuse
  • Propose and integrate return-to-play protocol utilizing at least 4 BFRT exercises for a post-surgical athlete following ACL surgery
  • Design a strength and conditioning protocol using 4 BFRT exercises for female volleyball players to improve vertical leap
  • Propose 3 changes using BFRT to an existing non-BFRT rehabilitation protocol for a patient with shoulder pain
  • Design a fitness program using body-weight and BFRT for a person who travels extensively
  • Develop an integrated strength and conditioning program for an elitie athlete to improve VO2 Max and VE Max
  • Propose a change to your current return-to-play protocol for an injured athlete sidelined after a rotator cuff injury using BFRT that will reduce atrophy that accompanies inactivity from limited use.


Interactive Video Online Agenda - 5 hours - Reserved Seat limited to 25 per broadcast


  • 15 min - Review - Contraindications, Cuff Placement, Side Effects, Observation, 
  • 45 min -  Interactive Demonstration of BFRT Fatigue State, Participants apply to each other in Contralateral to Experience Effect
  • 60 min - Interactive Demonstration and Application of BFR for Rehab Lower Extremities
  • 15 min - Break
  • 60 min - Interactive Demonstration and Application of BFR for Rehab Upper Extremities
  • 60 min - Interactive Demonstration and Application of BFR in Various Cases, Strength, Fitness, At-Risk
  • 45 min - Lab Demonstration and Application of BFR for "At-Risk" and Osteoarthritis
  • 30 min - Interactive Q&A


Online Streaming Agenda - 8 hours, watch anytime


  • 2-hours - Overview (Nessler) 
  • 20 min - Patient Intake Considerations (Paulos) 
  • 60 min - Assessment Criterial and Application/Integration of BFRT (Paulos) 




  • 65 min - Interactive Discussion on Various BFRT Topics (Levine and Nessler) 
  • 20 min - Application – LOP, RPF (Rate of Perceived Fatigue) (Nessler)
  • 15 min - Cardiovascular Adaptations to Aerobic Training Stimuli (Levine) 
  • 30 min - Normal Muscle Reaction to Stimuli (Levine) 
  • 30 min - Device Selection Criteria and Options, Safety, Efficacy (Nessler) 
  • 40 min - Research Consideration (Levine)
  • 30 min - Rehabilitation: BFRT plus Body Weight (Various)
  • 30 min - Strength and Conditioning: BFRT and Body Weight (Various)
  • 30 min - Fitness: BFRT and Body Weight –(Various)
  • 30 min - Fitness: BFRT and Devices –(Various)

    TRX Bands

    Slam Ball

    Battle Rope


  • 30 min - Rehabilitation Case Study (Paulos) : Maida 




BFRT Cuffs Included
  • Details

    • Who:Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Fitness Trainers, Occupational Therapists and highly moticated individuals.
    • Pre-requisites: None
    • BFR Equipment: Provided onsite 
    • Equipment Needed: Computer, access to Broadband Internet
    • Certificate: UT-BFRT
    • CE:  17 hours ProCert
    • Online Course: 7 hours
    • Interactive Online Course: 5 hours
    • Case Study: Design, Observe, Report
    • Online Test: 70% correct score required to pass

    You may request a full refund for the online course within 48 hours. If you do not attend the on-site course, complete the Case Study, or complete the online test, you may schedule another date or request a refund for the portion not completed.


    Notification of enrollment is sent via email or text.

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