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UT-BFRT Certificate - Additional Attendees

UT-BFRT Certificate - Additional Attendees

$597.00 Regular Price
$349.00Sale Price

The only University-backed certificate course and most comprehensive training in blood flow restriction therapy/training (BFRT). The course draws from a diverse faculty of recognized experts and offers an evidence-based, equipment-agnostic, approach. 


    The discounted price assumes that you already own RockCuff cuffs. You will need at least one medium and one large for the interactive online section.


    Developed in partnership with the University of Tennessee and Northeast Seminars, you will learn how to implement a "Practical" approach to BFRT.


    The decisions you make when implementing BFRT will have a profound effect on the amount of time, complexity, and cost of ownership for your program. Even more important, they will affect your ability to offer consistent, reasonable outcomes for your patients and clients.


    Even if you have completed training offered by other companies, our equipment-agnostic approach 

    goes beyond equipment-specific by offering the science behind BFRT. 




    • 6-hours streaming online instruction
    • 4.5-hours interactive online instruction
    • Interactive online updates every 90-days
    • 20+ Easy to understand Infographics
    • 50+ Case studies cited
    • 35+ Downloadable video examples
    • Supplementary Materials and Instruction
    • Downloadable Presentation and Workbook
    • BFRT Patch & BFRT Window Sticker




    Upon completion of the course the participant will be able to:


    • Design a comprehensive intake questionnaire as part of an Informed Consent form based on evidence and local board requirements
    • Administer a 3-minute pre-use BFRT assessment using only upper limb circumference measurement.
    • Integrate BFRT+ LI (low intensity) into an existing post-surgery ACL protocol to speed recovery time and reduce atrophy an active patient in their early 20”s 
    • Theorize the expected outcomes when using BFRT for immobile elderly patients with muscle wasting
    • Propose a return-to-play protocol utilizing at least 4 BFRT exercises for a post-surgical athlete following rotator cuff surgery
    • Design a strength and conditioning protocol using 4 BFRT exercises for an active female in her early 50's
    • Propose 3 changes using BFRT to an existing non-BFRT fitness program for a client to increase strength
    • Design a fitness program using body-weight and time-under-tension (TUT) and BFRT for a person who travels extensively
    • Develop a supplementary program using BFRT for an elitie athlete to improve VO2 Max and VE Max
    • Calculate the modification to a case study protocol that used 4" single chamber pneumatic cuffs for use with 2" rigid material straps


    Interactive Video Online Agenda - 4.5 hours - Reserved Seat limited to 25 per broadcast


    The agenda below is a general listing. Actual times and subject order may vary slightly.


    • 10 minutes - Introduction
    • 30 minutes - Short Review - Presentation
    • 30-minutes - Demonstraton - Students using BFRT straps
    • Break
    • 30 minutes - Questions and Answers
    • 30 minutes - Interactive Demonstration - Recovery
    • 30 minutes - Interactive Demonstration - Fitness
    • Break
    • 30 minutes - Interactive Demonstraton - Rehabilitation
    • 30 minutes - Questions and Answers


    Online Streaming Agenda - 8 hours, watch anytime


    • BFRT Basics  - 30 minutes
      • What is it?
      • How Does it Work?
      • Endocrine & Metabolism
      • Destroying the Myth of Difficult & Dangerous
    • Outcome-Based Implementation - 15 minutes
      • Rehabilitation
      • Recovery
      • Fitness - Performance
    • Prescreening - 30 minutes
      • Contraindications
      • Safety
      • Side Effects
      • Patient Intake
    • Assessment - 30 minutes
      • Establishing personal settings
        • Occlusion pressure
        • Resistance
        • Duration
    • Equipment - 30 minutes
      • FDA and Description
      • Types and Subtypes
      • Area of Effective Pressure
      • Relative Efficiencies and Costs
      • Realistic View of Exactness & Accuracy
    • Implementation - 30 minutes
      • Preparation
      • Installation
      • Routine
      • Fine tuning
    • Progressions - 20 minutes
      • Free Weights
      • Exercise Equipment
      • Yard Gear
    • Case Studies - 45 minutes
      • Reduced Recovery Time
      • Reduced Muscle Atrophy
      • Increased Vo2 Max and VEMax
      • Hypertrophy
      • Pain Modulation
      • Bone Density
      • Arthritic Pain
      • Use in Aging Population
      • Use in Athletic Population
      • Effect on Cardiovascular
      • Angiogenesis
      • Results Compared to High Intensity
      • Results Compared to LI without BFRT
    • Demonstrations
      • Use in fitness
      • Use in rehabilitation
      • Use in recovery
      • Progressions
    • Practical BFRT - 15 minutes
      • Safety
      • Ease of Use
      • Comfort
      • Affordability
      • Adherence to Protocols
    • Business Considerations - 20 minutes
      • Calculating Cost of Ownership
        • Equipment
        • Equipment Related
        • Training
        • Effects on Labor
        • Expertise
        • Training
        • Inventory
        • Administration
    • UT-BFRT Details

      • Who: Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, M.D.'s, Surgeons, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Fitness Trainers, Occupational Therapists and highly moticated individuals.
      • Pre-requisites: None
      • BFR Equipment: Provided as part of the enrollment 
      • Equipment Needed: Computer, access to Broadband Internet
      • Certificate: UT-BFRT
      • CE:  8 hours
      • Online Course: 7 hours
      • Interactive Online Course: 4.5 hours
      • Online Test: 70% correct score required to pass

      You may request a full refund for the online course within 48 hours. If you do not attend the on-site course, complete the Case Study, or complete the online test, you may schedule another date or request a refund for the portion not completed.


      Notification of enrollment and BFRT sent via email or text. Total time from Order to Receipt may take up to 7-days.

      The product typically ships within 2 to 4 business days. Delivery takes from 1 to 3 days in the US. Order shipping Internationally and to Canada may take from 7-days to 3-weeks.Equipment is shipped direct within 2 to 4 business days. Delivery takes from 1 to 3 days in the US.

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