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What’s Up with Specific Repetitions and Rest in Occlusion Training©?

If you've studied occlusion training, you might have noticed that the most effective resistance protocols rely on specific sets of repetitions and rest periods.

Common recommendations found in successful studies are:

• 30-15-15-15 reps with 30 seconds rest between sets

• 30-30-30 reps with 45 seconds rest between sets

Is there some sort of “magic” in these numbers? The short answer is “yes.”

Completing a set of 30-15-15-15 reps using 25% to 35% of your normal resistance with slow, deliberate movements and focusing on form takes approximately 4 to 5 minutes.

What you may not have realized is that 4 to 5 minutes matches the aerobic capacity of your muscle fibers*, allowing you to fully exhaust your slow-twitch fibers, then transition to your fast-twitch type 2a and 2x fibers, and finally fatigue them. This process raises the levels of lactate and nitric oxide above normal thresholds, optimizing your workout results.

Do not abandon the science to minimize repetitions so that you can increase resistance unless you are working toward very specific goals in a guided setting.

*When optimizing occlusion training, heavy lifting, or high intensity training.

Stay tuned for the number of sets in a workout, aerobic options, and the frequency of workouts.

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