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SoftTipz - Stop the Hurt

Are you ready to revolutionize your percussive therapy experience? Introducing SoftTipz – the innovative, patent-pending tips designed to enhance your massage sessions like never before. They fit on your existing percussive massage gun tips!

Why Choose SoftTipz?

🔹 Painless: Unlike traditional hard plastic and rubber tips, SoftTipz can be used anywhere on your body. They’re not just limited to large muscle groups, making your percussive device more versatile.

🔹 Powerful: SoftTipz adapt to the shape of the underlying tissue, ensuring more energy transfer from your device compared to regular tips. This means more effective therapy in less time.

🔹 Precise: The unique shape of SoftTipz allows you to reach underlying tissues even in areas surrounded by bony structures. This precision helps avoid the discomfort or damage that normal tips might cause.

🔹 Phun: And for a bit of fun, SoftTipz glow in the dark under a black light! Turn your therapy sessions into a playful experience.

Transform Your Therapy Sessions

SoftTipz fit on 95% of percussive devices on the market. By sliding onto either the “bullet” or “flat” tip, they allow you to work faster and engage more tissue, increasing the utility of your device by over 50%.

Feel the difference immediately and take your percussive therapy to the next level with SoftTipz. Your muscles will thank you!

Get Yours Today!

Upgrade your massage tools with SoftTipz and experience the painless, powerful, precise, and fun benefits for yourself. Visit our website to learn more and make a purchase.

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