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Occlusion Training Optimized for Outcomes

🗓 Weekly Training Schedule:

  1. Rehabilitation/Recovery: 3 sessions, 18-20 mins each

  2. Fitness: 4-5 sessions, 20-22 mins each

  3. Performance: 6 sessions for 2+ weeks to boost VO2Max & VEMax

💡 Pain Relief: Just one session can reduce localized pain for up to 24 hours+!

⚡ Accelerated Recovery: Two sessions per day, at least 4-5 hours apart

🔍 Want to Learn More? Deepen your understanding of the endocrine system and hypothalamus with our Occlusion Training Certificate Course. Learn about lactate threshold, nitric oxide, EIGR, GHRH, endorphins, myostatins, and more!

📈 Optimize Your Training: Unlock the secrets to better integration and results with our in-depth course.

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Hours 9 -4 MST


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