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Created In Partnership with the University of Tennessee and Northeast Seminars

The University of Tennessee Blood Flow Restriction Training Certificate program (BFRT) is the first University based certificate program that offers an evidence-based, equipment-agnostic look at the application of blood flow restriction for use in therapy, training, and strength and conditioning.

Unlike other BFRT training, our faculty is independent and brings experience from a wide-variety of backgrounds including university-level instructors, practicing physical therapists, well-known lecturers and publishers, surgeons, certified athletic trainers and more.


  • The program consists of four parts:

  • 4.5 hours - Online, On Demand

  • 4.5 hours - Interactive, Online

  • Test


Physical Therapists, PTAs, Surgeons, MD’s, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches


8 hours CE

NSCA in process

NATA in process


Lonnie Paulos, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

Trent Nessler, PT, MPT, DPT

Kevin Wilk, PT, DPT, FAPTA, Past President-Sports Section of the APTA

David Levine, PT, PhD, DPT, Certified D.N.


The practice and use of blood flow restriction is neither difficult nor dangerous. It does not have to be expensive or time-consuming.


Learning at your own pace, you will understand the Basics of BFRT through a "global" not an "equipment-specific" lens. 

Provided in ten sections, you will be guided through the definition, science, assessment options, implementation alternatives, case studies, and business costs.

Support materials include more than 20 downloadable Infographics, Essential Forms, 40+ Videos, and actual protocols.


  • BFRT Basics

  • Different BFRT Outcomes

  • Pre Screening Issues

  • Patient/Client Assessment

  • Equipment Options 

  • Implementation

  • Progressions

  • Case Studies

  • Demonstrations, Fitness, Rehab, Recovery

  • Practical Application of BFRT

  • Business "Cost of Ownership"


The interactive online lab allows participants to use BFRT under guided instruction. Protocols based on years of BFRT application are demonstrated. The instructor guides you through the actual use of BFRT (using the provided cuffs) and you will experience for yourself its effect and better understand the role of the clinician and participant in optimizing proper treatment. 

With our live “Max Interactive” format, you can see the instructor and they can see you.  Ask questions, show applications, make comments and guide other participants.

Instructions include the use of body weight, manual manipulation, CLX TheraBand’s, and equipment normally found in clinics and gyms.


  • BFRT Review

  • Case Study

  • Demonstration - Instructor and Students

  • Demonstration - Use in Recovery

  • Demonstration - Use in Rehabilitation

  • Demonstration - Use in Fitness

  • Demonstration - Use in Performance

  • Discussion - Challenge Thinking

  • Live Questions and Answers

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App available on iTunes and Play Store and Cloud

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