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RockCuff  BFR  (Blood-Flow Restriction) Cuffs are your Solution

to Fitness and Recovery

We provide the products, the system , and the community so you can achieve your goals on all levels.


We use evidence-based  rehab protocols and fitness routines that won't overwhelm you. 

 COMING SOON:  weekly live streaming classes direct to your home or clinic.

Step 1 - Choose your objective from those listed below

Step 2 - choose which Package best fits your needs for:


Llifting Weights


Cut Workout Time by 66%

Designed for busy people in all walks of life. You will use these routines at least three times per week for just 20 minutes to save hundreds of hours each year in the gym.


Take your cuffs on vacation, on-the-road, on business, or to workout on your lunch hour.

Everything you need is included in your RockCuff package! You will find routines that use bodyweight only, Theraband CLX Bands only (provided), or readily available gym equipment. Your choice!


Gain a 2% to 10% Edge

If you want that extra edge in athletic performance, these routines are for you. Used by elite athletes worldwide, you have access to the same routines that have helped professional athletes beat the competition.


Tack 15 minutes of BFRT onto the end of your current routine to gain an extra edge of 2% to 10% over the competition!



Get Better 20% Faster

The fact is that rehabilitation can affect you in more ways than you know. Use this category to speed recovery, reduce atrophy, return to work or play faster, and reduce the chance of re-injury.

Discover how other professionals have integrated BFRT into their proven protocols to help athletes return-to-play sooner and stronger than ever.



When Age or Condition is a Consideration

Use where High-Intensity Training (HIT) is not an option, where limited mobility or injury is a

risk. Studies show increased bone density, flexion, range of motion, strength, and size..



Focus on Goals

We provide the only program designed by women and just for women. Nobody on the planet has developed this for BFRT, and we found the exact right people who understand the unique challenges and opportunities. And they are women!


Army Soldiers


Strength When It Counts

Our experts work with elite military units like the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Fire, Police, and EMT to build strength and endurance. Just like athletes, this objectives requires that you find those bursts of energy that mean power into moment (think adrenaline).


Gain Size in 2-Weeks

Admit it, some of us just want bigger biceps, bigger butts, monster shoulders, carved calves, and washboard abs.


Choose your spot and start getting at it! Studies show that results, proven with a tape measure, are just two weeks away!



Choosing the right equipment and program is not easy, we know. We looked at all of the existing options to see what people had done right and frankly, what they were doing wrong.

After a year of research reviewing more than 600 case studies, getting input from recognized experts, trying other equipment out, we settled on the following items as critical "must have" options in a BFRT program.


Your cuff will be on before the alternative is even out of the box! No pumping, No tether to electronics, No pinching, No pain, and No big credit card bill.

No complicated electronics to learn or apps to master before you can use your RockCuffs safely and effectively. That is because we took the guess-work out of the design.

We modeled the "Heart-rate Training Zone" as our inspiration for an easy to use, simple interface.


Everything you need is included in your package along with exercise routines designed specifically for your objectives. Unlike other “cuffs or bands,” you won’t need to buy any additional equipment. Gym routines body weight only, CLX Bands (provided), and feature equipment found in almost every gym, health club, or hotel exercise room.

Supplementary materials include plans for hydration, nutrition, supplementation, breathing, fitness psychology, safety, sleep, and foundation training.


Our experts are world-renown and have received the top honors awarded in their professional fields of rehabilitation, athletic training, strength and conditioning, and more. What’s more, their clients include professional athletes and teams, Olympic medal winners, elite college and young athletes who are just making their mark.

Some charge $1,500 per month for personal training!



Ok, so we have an app! Our app guides you through routines designed specifically for your goal. No guessing on how to achieve your fitness objectives. Weekly live routines update and challenge your progress as you reach new levels of performance. You will also learn about hydration, supplementation, nutrition, flexibility, and how to create a winning attitude.

Weekly live streaming gets you "in the mix" with the best trainers on the planet.

Put on your cuff and go for a walk. Try that with bulky air-filled cuffs! 


With RockCuff, there are no messy tubes to keep you tethered, no batteries to charge, and no hand pumps to carry around. Simply "Slide, Click and Go." You can run, hike, workout, swim, walk, ride a bike, and do what you usually do. They adapt to you, you don't change to them!

Our Patent Pending Cuff is FDA listed, certified "Skin Safe" and believe it or not Gluten Free! (Just kidding on the GF)


Check out the color Doppler video here to see the "never fully occludes" feature. Plus with our uniform compression test see the difference between "pneumatic" cuffs and our system. You can see the pressure test results here,


More even distribution of pressure means that you need less tightness than with air cuffs of a similar size! Less tightness, more comfort!



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