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Now you can get your workout and lunch done in 45 minutes! Using blood flow restriction requires between 15 and 25 minutes each day. You can put on and tighten all four RockCuff straps in less than 90 seconds.

Try that with any other safe BFR cuff on the market!

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Rep's and Set's

Follow our 30-day FAST START program in the RockCuff App to learn how to get the most out of your BFR program. Studies show that implementing the following will optimize the benefits of BFR.

  • Times per Week - 3 to 6

  • Sets - 3 sets

  • Repetitions - 30 - 15 - 15 - 15

  • Rest Interval - 30 seconds to 45 seconds

Remember, with BFR it is not necessary to "skip days" as in "arms days" or "leg days" because you will not be using extreme resistance that results in micro-fiber muscle tears.

With RockCuff, you can wear all four straps at one time and do compound exercises or wear just two cuffs, upper body or lower body and do upper or lower specific exdercises.

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Contact us for more information about how you can implement BFR with larger groups.


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