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Get ready for an entirely new experience from your percussive device. Add a set of RockTips to your Hypervolt or similar percussive device and add soft tissue massage to your services list!

  • Promote Circulation

  • Drive Hydration

  • Treat "Tender Areas" Like Head/Neck, Scalp

  • Stimulate Hypothalmus and Lymph System

  • Sooth Achilles, Plantar, Bony Structure

  • Great for Hand and Foot


work faster

Cut 60% of the time it takes to do the same task manually

Add revenues

Double the use of your percussive device


Promote healthy joints and reduce pain.

soft tissue

RockTips are designed for soft tissue, translating power into vibration.


Soft Tips

Percussive Therapy takes on an entirely new reality with our Patent Pending tips.


Molded for specific body areas and manufactured to specific durometers, these tips transfer more energy into the tissue promoting healing, hydration, circulation, and pain relief.

No more bouncing off of bone!

You only problem will be purchasing more percussive equipment and tips to meet the demand from clients!


Apply tip shapes and firmess to deliver specific outcomes from tip placement, to motion, to duration.

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