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Do not wait until you are injured to find out that your orthopedic surgeon will likely add BFR to your rehabilitation protocol. Learn what elite athletes already know, that BFR added to your routine will help you recovery faster and stay in the game longer.

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Do not wait to be injured!

If you have followed the science, you know how important full recovery is as part of a strength and conditioning program. Elite athletes know that unless you are fully recovered (yes from yesterdays workout) today's workout is unlikely to add strength or conditioning. Your trainer will likely tell you to "sit this one out".

So what are elite athletic trainers telling their athletes? Simple, "put on the straps for 25 minutes, do the routine, then go home!" When they return the next day, they are not only fully recovered, but the trainers tell us they are ready and actually do more!

Time for you to add recovery to your workout plan. Injury causes you pain and your company money! 

If you continue with your normal workout, on those days that you just do not feel up to it, don't skip, do your BFR routine and get back to play faster!

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