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Note - Due to high demand, orders ship within 5-7 business days.

What are people saying?

"The RockCuff is way more comfortable than the S****C*** I have been using!"

                                                            Cameron, DPT, Manhattan, NY

"I used the BS***** Cuffs before and these are more comfortable by far!"

                                                            Bobby Maximus, Mens Health Trainer of the Year

"Our company featured the S****C*** last month in the marketplace and I used it, RockCuff is more comfortable by far."

                                                            Brian K, Software Provider

"I used BS***** for 10 months testing the limits. After putting on the RockCuff Leg Cuffs one time, there is no comparison. The RC effect was far more pronounced on just the very first use. I never had a BFR leg workout before! My crew had to stop me from saying 'My Butt Hurts'"

                                                            Robert Rossetti, Co-Founder RockCuff

"Our clinic has used the O**** R Cuffs with patients. I tried on both the O and RockCuff. RockCuff was more comfortable hands-down!"

                                                            Seattle PT Clinic

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Our equipment is designed to be the safest and easiest to use BFRT solution available. It is manufactured to medical standards in an FDA registerd facilityand developed to never fully occlude arterial flow. Our patent-pending removable compression layers are designed to behave like pneumatic cuffs without the need to inflate and deflate for every use


Micro-measurements - Our patent pending bezel measures cuff tightness around the circumference of the limb in 1mm increments. No other cuff on the market offers this degree of fine-tuning.

Easy On/Off - Cuffs simply slide on and off. No need for additional electronics or pumps. We don't know of anyone else who offers this feature.

Removable compression layers - Our 5-second quick change feature allows you to swap-out durometers in less than 5 seconds. Durometers are available in +00 and +30 (more to come) and are designed to deliver the most effective solution for average versus high BMI individuals and to optimize athletic performance training and hypertrophy compared to everyday fitness. No other cuff on the market can make this claim.

Proprietary cuff closure - Our design provides a consistent level of pressure across the entire cuff width, unlike pneumatic cuffs which can reduce the active pressure face to less than half the width of the cuff. The result is lower pressures and more comfort for the user.

Certified "Skin Safe"  - Our proprietary compression material allows for the most hygienic option available compared to cuffs without a removable layer. No other cuff offers this assurance.

Comfort - Our compression layers are designed to "close" with "no pinching" unlike pneumatic cuffs (without a sleeve) or straps. You will save time and hundreds of dollars annually.

Evidence-based protocols - Developed by recognized experts, these protocols are integrated into proven clinical solutions used on elite athletes. Individual protocols based on surgical and non-surgical intervention, strength and conditioning, and return to play are included and available on a subscription basis.


This package contains:

  • 8 cuffs - 4 pairs - 4 sizes 

  • 8 changeable inserts - '00' durometer

  • 2 Clinic Bags

  • 2 Rehab Protocol Subscription

  • 2 Online Course Subscription


This package contains:

  • All Basic Package Items plus

  • 2 enrollments in BFR Online Course

  • $50 Saving on Live BFR Course


You can earn your CCM Credential certifying your expertise in this new, exciting field.

You will take the online course, then schedule to attend one of our 8 hour on-site sessions before taking the 1-hour test and submitting your case studies to earn your certification.