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Why should you consider BFR?

Many of the same benefits realized by the human population can benefit our canine companions when using BFR. Using BFR is not painful. Applying BFR in the clinic and home is easy to do.

  • Integrate BFR into your canine fitness program to deliver superior results

  • BFR allows rehabilitation using just 20% to 30% of the weight/resistance that normal exercises require.

  • Reduce the amount of atrophy normally experienced after surgery

  • Build strength, endurance, and muscle size

  • Keep muscles strong in cases of early onset osteoarthritis

Who should consider BFR?

You should consider integrating BFR into your dogs treatment regimen especially in the following cases:

  • Fitness Athletes

  • Military and Police Dogs

  • Large dogs more than 6 years old

  • 'Dogs that are post-surgery