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Done properly and to fatigue, BFRT plus low intensity exercise (BFRT+LI) activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself, build strength, increase stamina, and increase muscle size & definition without the need for high intensity exercise (HIIT’s) or the use of excessive weight loads.

After releasing the straps, the distress created in the muscles cells will activate the body's systemic endocryn response releasing growth hormone (GH), Insulin Growth Factor (IGF1), and down regulate your myostatins.

During exercise, by blocking venous flow while allowing arterial flow to continue, oxygenated red blood cells will be forced into muscle fibers and as used, create carbon dioxide.



Remove the DDPY Jacked Straps from the shipping envelope. Inspect the straps for any damage and if observed, report to DDPY for replacement. If everything looks ok, you can set up your straps.

  • Lift the tab (pull) on the dial.

  • Pull the velcro strap all the way out of the sleeve until it stops.

  • Close the tab and rotate the dial so that the silver mark aligns with "0"

  • Thread the strap through the metal ring and thread the strap up your arm above the bicep making sure that the gel is between your arm and your torso.

  • Pull the velcro strap tight and secure with the brillo pad.

Note: If there is more than 5" of strap beyond the metal ring, you can cut the strap and remove the excess.


You should only wear the strap as indicated in the image below. Any other placement will not produce the results and may be painful or dangerous.

Upper Body - Straps should be placed above the bicep with the silicon gel between the arm and the body with the dial facing forward. Straps that cover the bicep can cause pain during exercise.

Lower Body - Straps should be high up the leg, next to the crotch with the gel between the leg and the body, dial facing forward. 

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As with any exercise program, before you begin you should consult your healthcare professional. 


In addition there are certain conditions or contra-indications that may limit or exclude you from using blood flow restriction. These conditions include:

  • Untreated high blood pressure

  • Untreated low blood pressure

  • A history of deep vein thrombosis

  • Open wounds

  • High BMI >36

  • Recent Traumatic Injury

  • Clotting Disorders

  • Pulmonary Embolism

  • Rhabdomyolysis

  • Blood Thinners

  • Active Cancer(s)

  • Less than 6-months postpartum or pregnant

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You do not need to overtighten the straps to obtain the results!

Studies show that maintaing a level of pressure on the limb suffecient to occlude arterial flow 20% to 75% will produce near identical results.

To produce the correct amount of pressure, please follow the guidelines in the image below.

However, your personal pressure may differ slightly. So feel free to tighten (rotate the dial clockwise) or loosen (lift tab, flex or pull the bottom of the strap to "find your zone".

Note: You should not feel pain, numbness or tingling. If you do, loosen the strap. Check for pulse or capillary refill often to verify blood flow.

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Your straps are going to get sweaty and dirty!

To clean the strap, submerge the strap in water with a drop of detergent. Gently agitate. Then wash the strap in clean water and let drip dry.

You can even swim with the strap on.