DDPY Jacked

Welcome to DDPY Jacked! Scroll down to begin your journey using the DDPY Jacked Straps and understand more about the DDPY Jacked program.

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Before You Start

As with any new program, check with your healthcare professional before using DDPY Jacked straps.

Review the Pre-Screening questions. If you indicate "yes" for any items in the "A" area you should NOT use the straps.

For items marked "Yes" in the "B" area, ask your healthcare provider specifically!

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Install straps ONLY above the bicep and high on the leg as indicated in the Infographic. 

You SHOULD NOT install the straps anywhere else as other placements may result in unsafe use or counterproductive results.

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3-Minute Assessment

Before you begin using the straps, you should perform the 3-minute Assessment to FINT TUNE the tightness of your straps.

Detailed instructions can be found on the Infographic.

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When using cuffs over a fifteen to twenty minute period, your the circumference of your limb will likely increase due to cell-swelling. As this happens, the pressure under the strap strap increases.

If you notice the comfort level decreases or you begin to feel any numbness or tingling, you can loosen the straps as indicated.

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Key Numbers

Straps generate a natural state in the body we call MetaBoost™. MetaBoost activates the body's release of hormones that are essential to strength, muscle growth, bone density, pain reduction, mood enhancement, cell regeneration, and more.

Read and follow the "Key Numbers" in order to optimize your use of the straps and their performance.

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