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Cuff Fitting - Note - The Gel Portion Goes Under the Arm or Between the Legs

The new cuff design allows for fast and easy fitting. Please follow the directions below. 

Your cuff has been pre-set to provide additional slack for easy installation and removal.

Step 1:   Thread the free end of the strap through the buckle

Step 2:   Pull the strap snug

Step 3:   Place the double sided velcro "hook" pad on the bottom strap and press the top layer to set

You can use the additional velcro pads to take up any slack if you use the cuffs on multiple people. Please folow the instructions below to re-set the cuff,

Step 1:   Release the tab on the dial and pull the strap all the way out.

Step 2:   Close the tab on the dial and rotate the dial clockwise until the dot lines up with '0'

Open the Tab

Close the Tab

Fit the Cuff

To tighten the Cuff, Rotate the dial "Clockwise" to tighten. Each "Click" equals 1mm. A full rotation of the dial equals 1"



Rotate the Dial


To loosen the cuff, lift the tab up, and then flex to create slack. If you need additional slack, you can pull the strap out from the bottom of the cuff.