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The results of our research led us to the following fundamental requirements for a great product.



Unlike current BFR products that are dangerous because they have the potential to fully occlued arterial flow, we designed our product to fail before this dangerous state was achieved. RockCuff is the first BFR product that you can feel safe to send home with a patient or client.


Cuffs that require pumps are awkward to use and, frankly, embarrassing in front of others. Forget about complicated mid-workout adjustments! Our simple "click, dial" design allows fast installation and instant mid-exercise change without shiny, extraneous equipment.


Cuffs that are too narrow, or too wide cause pain when used. Pneumatic cuffs are inefficient at delivering uniform pressure and require high inflation pressure and can cover the muscle causing pain. We designed a simple, tensioning design to deliver pressure effectively.


Without exception, every professional and individual we talked to (and we spoke to hundreds) felt that BFRT cuffs should not cost more than $299!


Since BFRT is relatively new to fitness and un-monitored rehabilitation - relevant instruction, content, and testing, developed by experts, not company insiders, is an absolute requirement and something we are committed to providing.

After using RockCuffs, I ate three ice cream sandwiches and slept for three hours. You have no idea how hard it is for me to fall asleep!

Rudy Reyes, Actor, Author, Fitness

I use the RockCuffs in my everyday practice rehabbing professional athletes and regular clients alike.

Dr. Christiana Marron, DPT, CSCS

In the collegiate setting RockCuff is the easiest, most effective, and cost efficient product I've used on the market

Ed Smith, CSCS, Director Strength and Training, University of Lynchburg

These cuffs are amazing. I'm hooked. I love the fact that i can keep them on & loosen/tighten them when i need to. Just today I was stopped 3 times. I'm really impressed!

Aaron Williamson - Trainer to "A" Listers

My basketball players love the RockCuffs! I'm sending them on the road with the team.

Scott Fabian, MS, CSCS, Director of Strength & Conditioning, Portland State University

I’m getting great feedback from our clinicians by the way.  We appreciate the great service and product addition for sure!

Casey Kalb, PT, DPT, OCS, Vice President of Operations, Upstream Rehabilitation

I love the cuffs! Coaches and clients do too!

DJ Taylor, CSCS, Trainer D1

There is a lot of good information in (the videos) and over all I like them better than the SC presentation.  The fact that you offer free consent forms and templates for general fitness, rehab, and strength for no additional cost is a testament to your company.

Marc M. MPT



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