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Studies show that using blood flow restriction therapy (BFRT) in combination with your existing protocols can reduce recovery time, reduce pain, reduce atrophy, and create hypertrophy while using low-resistance and walking therapy.

Studies show that adding BFRT to your current strength and conditioning program can increase strength, speed, endurance, VO2 Max and VE Max allowing you to get more from your athlete for a longer duration in the training room.

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  BFR  (Blood-Flow Restriction) Cuffs are your Solution

to Strength, Fitness and Rehabilitation

Add BFRT To Your Clinic


Add BFRT To Your Program


Add BFRT To Your Workout

Whether you want to spend less time in the gym, break through a plateau, take your exercise program on the road, or workout during lunch in 20 minutes, BFRT can help you achieve your objective.

How Does RockCuff Work?

Next Generation Products

RockCuff is a non-pneumatic cuff. It works by rotating a dial (each click is 1mm) to reduce the circumference of your limb. RockCuff uses a certified "skin safe" platinum-infused silicon to help protect your arteries and nerves while in use.

RockCuff's Patent Pending design will never fully occlude arterial flow making it a safer alternative to pneumatic (air pump) alternatives. 

Cuff widths are designed to deliver the most occlusion at the lowest pressures without covering the muscle which can be painful. The 2" arm cuff is the equivalent of a 4" pneumatic cuff while the 3.5" leg cuff is equivalent to a 6" pneumatic cuff.

Users tell us that RockCuff is the "most comfortable" cuff they have ever used.

Based on a Medical Census

We designed the Medium and Large Cuff's to fit 90% of the population. Chances are these are the sizes you will use. If you have a question, you can use the sizing chart below.

Is BFRT Dangerous?

Contraindications and Side Effects

"There are medical conditions* that disqualify people from using BFRT. They are similar to any other exercise program and include: untreated high or low blood pressure, DVT's, active treatment for cancer, certain medications, pulmonary embolism,  hemmorrahagic/thrombotic stroke, clotting disorders, up to 6 months post-pregnancy, and rhabdomylolsis. As always, you should consult a doctor before embarking on BFRT or any other exercise program."


                      Alan KACIN1, Benjamin ROSENBLATT2, Tina GRAPAR ŽARGI1, Anita BISWAS2 

Side effects* include bruising, numbness and tingling, and soreness

 "“No evidence to suggest that BFR exercise elevates the risk of                                    complications any more than traditional exercise modes.”*

  *Reported Side-effects and Safety Considerations for the Use of Blood Flow Restriction During Exercise in Practice and Research. Authors: Brandner, Christopher R.1May, Anthony K.2Clarkson, Matthew   J.2Warmington, Stuart A.2  Source: Techniques in Orthopaedics, Volume 33, Number 2, June  2018, pp. 114-121(8)


How Do I Know BFR is Working

Occlusion Plus Resistance

Using BFR introduces an accelerated sence of fatigue to the muscle. By blocking the markers that muscles send to the brain for replenishment, BFR creates a metabolic crisis which quickly cascades to the response to "repair" the muscle.


Once occlusion is achieved, resistance is added to amplify the effect using 20% to 30% of your one rep max (1RM). This low intensity resistance does not damage or tear muscle tissue like high intensity interval training does so recovery is faster.


While occluding, do sets and reps as follows:


30 - 15 - 15 -15 reps with 30 sec rest between sets


If occlusion and resistance is correct, you should totally fatigue midway through the last set of 15 reps. If you fatigue sooner, decrease tightness or resistance. If you do not fatigue increase tightness of resistance.

Immediately before beginning, you should hydrate by drinking at least 16oz of water. When cuffs are in place and tightened, you should not feel any numbness or tingling. If you do, loosen the cuffs. You should then check to verify arterial flow by either checking for pulse or doing the capillary refill test by pressing your thumb to the heel of your hand. The skin under the thumb will turn white, releasing pressure, the skin should return to color in less than 5 seconds. If it takes longer or you do not feel a pulse, loosen your cuffs.

How Does Blood Flow Restriction Work?

The benefits of BFRT are achieved by applying enough pressure over the extremities to fully occlude venous outflow while maintaining sufficient arterial flow in combination with low-resistance exercises. BFR Cuffs should only be applied on the extremities as illustrated below.

RockCuff is designed to be safer and more comfortable than other BFR Cuffs, Be sure to wear the cuffs as illustrated below with the gels under the arms and on the inside of the thighs


Choosing the right equipment and program is not easy, we know. In developing RockCuff,we looked at all of the existing options to see what people had done right and frankly, what they were doing wrong.

After 20 months of research reviewing more than 1,000 case studies, getting input from recognized experts, trying other equipment out, we settled on the following items as critical "must have" options in a BFRT program.


People wanted a product that is safe to use without fulltime electronic or professional monitoring. We designed RockCuff to mechanically fail before total occlusion.


Because of narrow straps, elastic materials, and wide cuffs, people were told "If it doesn't hurt, it's not working." We found that cuff width was key. Our narrow 2" cuff delivers the same occlusion at a pressure similar to a 4" pneumatic cuff without covering the muscle.

We also designed a patent-pending gel to simulate the properties of air without the need to inflate and deflate using an external device.


Every respondant complained that current alternatives were difficult to put on and impossible to adjust mid-workout. 

We designed RockCuff to "set it and forget it" allowing users to size their cuffs for the first use, then flex to release when done. Mid-exercise adjustment is a simple as clicking the tab, flexing, and resetting the tab.


Everyong wanted to take their routines on-the-road in order to maintain their progress. We developed an app populated with routines developed by recognized experts to assist in the proper use of BFRT.


Everyong wanted to take their routines on-the-road in order to maintain their progress. We developed an app populated with routines developed by recognized experts to assist in the proper use of BFRT.


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