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Clubs, Gyms, Studios, Medical Clinics, Personal Trainers, RockCuff Practical BFRT can help you generate new, profitable revenues.

Working together, we can give your active, inactive, and former clients a reason to head back to your business and see the value for in-person and virtual training. No other fitness solutions offers the benefits of blood flow restriction training (BFRT) and no other company offers the ability to scale a BFRT solution than RockCuff.


RockCuff Practical BFRT revolutionizes fitness. 

  • Reduces workout time by 60% - See more clients

  • Reduces exercise load by 70%! - Increase utilization of existing resources

  • Delivers the benefits of HIITs - Increased hormonal response without high intensity (HI)

  • Delivers the benefits of heavy lifting - Muscle size and definition without heavy resistance

RockCuff Practical BFRT will revolutionize your business:

  • Reduce client engagement time 

  • Free up "heavy demand equipment"

  • Differentiate your business

  • Offer a fitness solution where "everyone is a beginner".


How big is this opportunity? Depending on the size of your organization, RockCuff BFRT could help you realize revenues from tens of thousands, to millions of dollars with little or no CapEx!








BFRT, or blood flow restriction training, is a safe, effective way to activate the body's natural abiltiy to heal itself!

Studies show that BFRT can produce the same effects as high intensity interval training, but without the stress on your joints and musculoskeletal system. It increases the release of growth hormone (GH), insulin growth factor (IGF1), and down regulates myostatins to generate muscle growth, increase strength, increase VO2 Max, VEMax and more. All that in about 40% of the time you normally workout.

BFRT aids in recovery, speeding rehabilitation and reducing atrophy in injured athletes and patients.

BFRT has been used worldwide for years with elite level athletes, professional and university athletes, and in military rehabilitation facilities.

Until now, use of BFRT was difficult and costly and limited to credentialed healthcare professionals because of the complexity and cost of the equipment.

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Why RockCuff?

Three years ago, we decided, as healthcare professional educators, to research BFRT in order to provide advanced, post doctorate education courses.

When we looked at the BFRT products on the market, they seemed difficult to use, uncomfortable, and unaffordable, facts confirmed by hundreds of people we asked.

So we assembled a team of professionals that included renowned orthopedic surgeons, physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches. We read every case study that we could get our hands on (more than 1,600 and now in a searchable database). We also consulted with medical device manufacturers to unlock manufacturing "best practices".

The result was the RockCuff BFRT solution. The safest, most comfortable, easy to use, and affordable BFRT product on the market. (Please ask us to prove this and we will be happy to show you using cardiovascular doppler, digital thermal imaging, and advanced pressure testing).

We want you to experience BFRT and RockCuff firsthand. Ask us, and we will provide equipment, basic training, and support for a low cost. Of course, we will refund your cost if you choose not to continue will us. We offer this because we are positive, that you will agree.


Get your brand out there. Engage members as ambassadors by branding our BFRT products.

Forget pumps, straps, bands, and electronic gadgets. RockCuff is the safest, most comfortable, easiest to use, and affordable BFRT equipment on the planet. And you can white-label it!

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We have done our research and we believe in BFRT. We know that it actually works. We have seen it change lives, and it has changed ours.

We want everyone in the world to experience the benefits and knowing we cannot do it alone, we need your help!

We tell it like it is. We focus on fitness and recovery. We want every person in the world to realize the benefits of BFRT and live happier, healthier lives.

By the way, we are the yellow balloon in the image in case you wondered.



When we do something, we do not mess around!

We have assembled the worlds leading authorities on BFRT for fitness, performance, and rehabilitation. We offer the worlds only certificate course in blood flow restriction (BFRT) in partnership with a major university (University of Tennessee).

The feedback we get from people who have taken other, "vendor certifications", is that our training program is better than all others. Why? Glad you asked. First it is evidence-based. Second, it is equipment-agnostic. Third, we asked the experts, not company insiders. And last? Learning never stops, so we continue to update our understanding daily!



11100 South River Heights Drive D124, South Jordan, Utah, 84095


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