Clinic Take-Home Program

Just by finding this page, it is apparent that you provide your patients with superior service. You look for ways to improve outcomes, find ways to minimize time spent in rehabilitation and want your patients to return to play at full strength.


Every week, we receive numerous calls, texts, and emails from professionals like you and their patients, such as:

  • "I just finished my therapy, and I'd like to continue using BFR because it worked so well. My PT said to call you."​                             

  • "I use BFR every day on my patients in the clinic. I would like to use BFR myself, but the equipment we use in the office takes too long to set up and is too expensive."                                            

  • "I coach a Highschool football team, and last year, 22 of my starters had to spend more than 2-weeks on the bench. Could our AT use this product to get my players ready to play faster?"

Program Details

Now you can offer a BFR treatment program where patients can supplement current treatment and continue therapy at home!

RockCuff's Practical BFRT Program is the first clinical offering that features a safe, easy-to-use, comfortable and affordable BFR product for patients.

You can create a cash business, attract new patients, and offer discounts.


  • No Inventory Cost

  • 5-minute Orientation

  • Portable 

  • Effective Patient Engagement

  • Cash Business

  • Product Discounts

  • Free UT-BFRT Certificate Training

Contact Mark

If you want to know more about the Practical BFR Take Home Program, please contact Mark Petersen who will answer your questions, send you more details, and set-you-up.

Email Mark using mark@rockcuff.com